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Bridging the Gap

We are living in a day of uncertainty with each sunrise bringing fresh reasons for fear. News programs discharge enough hand-wringing information each day to warrant an advisory. We live with a twenty-four-seven internal alert: Caution: Breaking News!

Concern continue with layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy and civil unrest.  The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word “terror”. The issue at hand, fear seems to have taken us hostage attacking us at our core. Fear is the big bully in our schools and neighborhoods.

We are engaged in a homeland battle to stand our ground for family values, and not give in to the crisis of young people being swayed to the streets. Gangs present a convincing counterfeit to the commitment of a family.

The demands and stress imposed on our families today is creating an atmosphere of cynicism that erodes our core values, our hope. The recruiting of nine to thirteen year olds in the Bellport Community, Gordon Heights, Medford, Middle Island, Ridge and Shirley is evidence of the acceleration and boldness of gangs influence.  Our question however is how do we intercept the counterfeit of gangs acting as family? The answer is to support the family structure and bring hope.

Over the past few years difficult decisions had to be made reen made to agencies because of funding issues and the danger that is upon us is to keep cutting programs. In the meanwhile children are being swallowed up in gangs, drugs, violence, promiscuity and a loss of vision.

This is a radical day calling for those of us who can make a difference, not to make decisions based on the failing economy. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is so appropriate in regards to our youth. The clouds of crisis are all around; but together, with your support, we can overcome the odds. Hopefully, we can stay in this battle all the way to the end.

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